Hammer House Love at First Ride

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The other day there was an offer from Hammer House a local spin studio here in Colts Neck that uses a unique spin bike that moves from side to side to engage the core muscles more. Their website claims:

"We house 20-30 RealRyder® ABF8 indoor cycling bikes in each of our studios. RealRyder® transforms the face of the traditional exercise bike and takes your workout to a whole new level. Unlike the traditional stationary spinning bike, our equipment allows you to steer, lean, turn and move side to side - constantly engaging your core muscle groups, upper and lower body to burn more calories and get optimal results. Our “rydes” burn 20% more calories per minute compared to the conventional indoor bikes. It truly redefines the traditional spinning fitness workout and is the closest thing to actually being on the road."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE spin--I am somewhat addicted.  Since I am 1/2 marathon training right now, I typically only have time for 1 spin class a week--but I look forward to it and love the instructor at the Y.  Unfortunately, my long runs for the next few weeks are planned for the day I usually take spin.  Two weeks ago, I attempted to spin at 7am and then complete my long run at 10:30 am--that was not as successful as I hoped.  

So when the Groupon offer came through the other day--$66 for 10 rides (normally valued at $190) and if you are a new customer 3 free rides---that is 13 rides for $66--it was an offer too good to refuse.  So I purchased the Groupon--very easy to do--all online and then you print out the coupon.  There is a money back guarantee--so no worries.  I then visited the Hammer House website to check out their class schedule.

They recently opened a new location near me in Red Bank but the studio in Colts Neck is right down the street---although, someone just told me the studio in Red Bank is near Starbucks---my addiction to spin and Venti Soy Lattes is well known--so maybe I will have to try the other location out too.

I reserved a bike this morning (using one of the free rides offered).  I even called before I went just to make sure it was free and that I was all set.  Everyone who works there could not have been more accommodating and friendly.  When I showed up--J (a friend) who works there got me all set up with my coupon so I could simply schedule the classes I want to attend in the future online.  I was encouraged to use the 3 free classes before "activating" the coupon--how great is that!

The instructor Kim was peppy and had the most amazing arms (I covet her muscular arms)---if they can guarantee me her body--I am hooked. The room has 20 bikes spread out around the instructor stage.  Some of the riders were hard core "Hammer House" addicts (in a good way)--one man was dismayed to learn that he had not reserved "his" bike and instead I had.  I told him not to worry--I understand the attachment a rider can have to their bike and I would just take an available one.  There were a couple newbies in class; Kim and the crew made sure everyone was all set--helping new riders like me adjust our bikes.  Kim jumped right into the class--dimming the lights and pumping the music up.

Now remember--I am a Spin Fiend--I knew the bikes were different but--MAN--this was a hard workout.  I know I was not moving the bike on the turns correctly--you are supposed to use your core and I was using my arms and shoulders---but Kim encouraged all new riders to ride at least 3 times--it takes about 3 classes to get in the swing of things (that is why they offer all new riders 3 classes).  Regardless--I got a great workout and I can not wait to try it again.

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