4 done--9 tomorrow?

I have a long run planned for Sunday---but I think I need to move it to tomorrow afternoon.  Sunday am the boys have LAX practice from 7-10--and then we are having family over for Super Bowl Party.  Tomorrow may be our only chance.  Con and I were thinking of doing a run/walk approach.  He has not been able to do a long continuous run since our 7 miles weeks ago--so I thought Jeff G's outlook of taking breaks early and often may see him through--when we hit 6-7 miles--we can run it out.

We started P90X again--day 8 for us.  He wants the muscle definition--- I want to lose the extra 20 lbs.  Am I the only woman who does not lose weight when running?  I am a health food nut, exercise everyday, but I can't lose the poundage.  I tried on some of my work-suits the other day--NONE of them fit (size 4 no more)---depressing.  Yes, I feel good--but enough already---I am working hard--I want the payoff.

Ran on the treadmill today--and I probably should not admit it--but the run was not so bad--watched my DVR of The Vampire Diaries--yes, I am a teenage girl at heart--vampires--love them.  I can't wait for the latest season of True Blood to come out of DVD or the new season of The Walking Dead to start. 

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Christina said...

You are not the only one.
I haven't lost weight since running.
I eat pretty healthfully for the most part and indulge some during the week. I'm exercising more than I used to. But, still the same.

I am size 4 no more too. Six.

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