I was sitting down after our 5:30 am P90X workout--yes, my son and I get up at 5:30 during the school week to do P90 before he goes to school--cause' that is how we roll.  Actually, it is the only time that we have with regularity to do P90X--we are on our second round.  The first round this past summer was great--we both noticed big differences--my muffin top decreased in size and he actually had a 4 pack.

Anyway we noticed we were getting soft around the middle--for me-having a stomach that sticks out farther than your boobs is a deal breaker--we needed to do another round and bring it with our friend Tony.  We have a contest to see who can remember the most Tony quotes while we work out.

I knew I needed to sneak in 5 today and while I was thinking about how and when I could do it--I realized if I jumped on the treadmill before the two little ones got on the bus and then right after they got off--I could do 3 miles before and 2 miles after--is that cheating?  Oh well, it is what it is.

First 2 miles--.5 mile intervals--then the rest slow and steady.

Today's song, Timebomb, Beck

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