Beautiful Day for a 9 Mile Run

A BIG congratulations to N & L--their first 9  mile run EVER--they are such naturals--they did great.  Moving along to the grove.

We hit the Henry Hudson Trail this morning at 10:30--warm and sunny out.  We choose an out and back run--4.5 each way.  It was hard but we felt good.  We took one .2 miles walk break and one stop 1/2way to fuel (oh yeah and a couple small stops to tie shoes--stretch)--but we really keep moving.

Kinda funny our last mile was as fast as our first.  I think everyone was happy with the 10:30 pace--felt good. (Con of course smoked us the last 2 miles--I guess the inserts work for him--no foot pain).
Avg Pace
100:10:01 1.00 10:01
200:09:59 1.00 09:59
300:10:23 1.00 10:23
400:10:48 1.00 10:48
500:10:59 1.00 10:59
600:10:47 1.00 10:47
700:11:21 1.00 11:21
800:10:14 1.00 10:14
900:10:01 1.00 10:01

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Christina said...

Awesome! It is a pretty day out! Glad everyone did well and enjoyed the run.

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