Thank you, Mother Nature

Con and I wanted to run our long 9 miles yesterday to avoid Super Bowl exhaustion---We are having family over later to watch the game and he had Lax this am--however, Mother Nature had other plans.  There was icy cold rain here in the NE yesterday and running 9 on the treadmill was NOT an option. 

It turns out today could not have been better for our 9 miles--high 30s and SUNNY---we definitely got our dose of vitamin d.  Thank you, Mother Nature  Here I am pre-run in the sun:
For those of you who do not follow this blog (the whole world minus a few nice souls)---Con has been having a hard time with the long runs lately--sore/tired/acting like a typical 13 year old learning how to endure---anyway, we tried new shoes--but really he just needs a new attitude--a "CAN DO" attitude.  He is a natural runner (great form) and he is strong----and he wants to do it (I do not force him to run).  He wanted to use a run 3 minute--walk 1 minute approach--we have done this in the past and it worked well---thank you, Jeff Galloway.

Our times are really not that much slower and on some splits faster than if we ran all the way through.  In fact, I have to look--but I swear the time is better than my last Sunday 7 mile run----maybe there is something to this run/walk thing.
Avg Pace
100:10:11 1.00 10:11
200:10:18 1.00 10:18
300:10:57 1.00 10:57
400:11:06 1.00 11:06
500:10:47 1.00 10:47
600:11:02 1.00 11:02
700:11:15 1.00 11:15
800:11:12 1.00 11:12
900:10:17 1.00 10:17
1000:00:35 0.06 09:53
Today's song, Outkast, BOB


Christina said...

I'm tempted to try this run/walk thing too.
I have been running nonstop, but I know one of my friend is doing the run/walk thing and her splits are usually single digit.

Glad that run/walk thing worked for your son.

Racy Runner said...

Christina, I read about it in Jeff Galloway's marathon book--I can't remember the title---but I will say that instead of feeling absolutely spent at mile 6-7-8--I still had energy--that never happens.

His idea is that if you take breaks early and often and use the run/walk you will build your endurance and speed. It is a hard concept to "believe" but I have noticed on other runs we did this summer that my overall pace is the same or better--sooooooo maybe I should use this more often:)

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