5 Old School

5 Miles today.  I really wanted to run them before Breastfeeding Support Group today, but after Kenpo the bargaining began:
1) I would run 5 later
2) I would run 5 tomorrow on my day off when I had more time
3) I would run 2 today and 3 tomorrow--or vice versa
4) I would skip the run
After group my car thermometer registered 45 degrees--the sun was shinning---what was I waiting for.
I threw on the running clothes that I had all ready laid out the day before.  I wore tights (not lined) and a thermal long sleeve nike top---it was GORGEOUS outside. No gloves--no jacket.

The bargaining continued though......
1) I would just run 2-3
2) I would run 4 with hills--that was equivalent to 5
3) I would run 3-4 then walk the rest

I bargained with myself through the hills and then when I got to my house at 4 miles---I kept going.  5 with hills--DONE!
Today's song, Jump Around, House of Pain

Avg Pace
100:09:29 1.00 09:29
200:09:30 1.00 09:30
300:10:23 1.00 10:23
400:09:54 1.00 09:54
500:10:00 1.00 10:00

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