RRCA Running Coach?

4 outside with the ladies--a big thank you to L and N for coming out today.  I know I would have talked myself into the treadmill--it was COLD 25 degree when we started out.  Once we got started the sun felt great and as always, I was thankful for running outside instead of on the TM.  Negative Splits on first 3 miles--not too shabby neighbor.
Avg Pace
Summary 00:40:144.0010:03
100:10:17 1.00 10:17
200:09:57 1.00 09:57
300:09:50 1.00 09:50
400:10:06 1.00 10:06
500:00:02 0.00 09:41
So a few months ago I started to look into trainer options--personal training programs, running coach certifications, spin instructor certifications.  I came to a few conclusions:
1) Some of the programs were too expensive
2) Some were "gimicky"
3) Some were not regarded highly

Being that I am already a health care professional (RN/MSN)--I thought I could combine my career with my passion for exercise, but I could not find a program that seemed like a good fit for someone who already has a health care background and fit into my schedule and budget.  

I did like the idea of being an RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) running coach--I have a grand idea of forming an all womens running club here in my area.  I envision a group just for ladies with group runs scheduled throughout the week--different locations and times, so whether you are a mom, working woman, student, or retiree---new, seasoned, or returning runner--you will fit right in.  Women helping other women achieve their running goals--no judgment only support.

I signed up for updates on certification programs and unfortunately noted that the programs all feel out of my area---until I received an update a couple of days ago--a certification program is coming to NJ in June--YEAH!  

So I told hubby---no flowers (I don't like roses anyway)--I have the perfect Valentine's Day gift he can give me.  I am all signed up and I can't wait. 

Today's Song, Sexual Healing--Shaggy Remix--(Help--I really love this song--something about Marvin Gay and Shaggy together--love their voices--but, this version is not available on iTunes;(--I found a old Max-a-million version, but it is not Shaggy)


JHo said...

I am coming to the RRCA course in June as well, all the way from South Carolina. Hope to see you there. I'm excited!

Racy Runner said...

Glad to know someone in the class. I am really looking forward to it. I can't believed you are traveling up from SC--that is amazing. Have you received any notification from RRCA?

JHo said...

I haven't received anything yet. I'm guessing as the date gets closer they will start contacting us. There was a closer one in Atlanta but it was full so I figured why not NJ in the summertime :)

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