Subluxated Rib Head

I knew on Sunday when I was trying out Jillian Michaels' 6 week Abs for the first time ($10 target special) that I had "pulled" something--it was the kind of pull that I thought if I just stretched it out it would "pop" back into place.  A little "twingy" but no pain.  I finished the workout no problem; I did not even have to pause it.   

Con and I (and Ray--my hubby is now joining us for P90x--that is a whole other story) woke up for our 5:30 P90X workout yesterday morning.  Core Synergistics was on the agenda.  I love that workout.  I felt a little twingy in the left trap area--but no pain and it felt good to work it out. 

Monday am I play tennis for 2 hours at the Colts Neck Raquet Club--I love this time.  I started playing tennis about 6 months before I started running--what took me so long??? I like playing and the ladies I play with are fun.  I knew after the first few swings that tennis was going to be challenging.  Even though the "pop" was on the left trap area (yesterday during the video workout)--ALL the muscles in my upper back were tense and that tension lead to discomfort--leading to pain--leading to the point where I felt my back "seize".  I never quit anything, but I had to go home yesterday after 30 minutes of hitting balls.

I could barely get out to the car in the parking lot---I felt like I had to mobilize my left arm---any movement sent spasms through my back muscles--tennis was a colossal mistake.  I called Ray after sitting in the car for 10 minutes (with the car door open--I could not pull it closed with my left hand).  I did not think I could drive home, but I did it and then sat in the garage for another 15 minutes.  I could barely move.  

The worst thing was it was a rare high 40s-50 degrees with wicked wind--but warm wind--I had a solo run planned--I wanted to do at least 5 and run for FUN for ME--I was pissed.  I had the day off and here I was lying on the yoga mats in the sunroom--every breathe HURT!  I diagnosed myself with a subluxated rib head and laid with rolled up yoga mats under me to help relax it back into place.

After the Aleve  kicked in and I had been icing the different areas of my back for 2 hours--and after watching "You Again" on demand--after all if I had to lie still on my back, I had to be doing something--this movie was super-cute (Ray would have hated it and would have made snide comments all the way through--so I am glad I snuck it in)---I decided--Yes, my back hurts and breathing hurts--but I could run--I would just move my legs.  I convinced myself if I went slow I could do at least 3-4 on the treadmill.  After running a slow 1.3 miles (Yes, it took me that long before I knew I was an idiot), I called it quits.  I am an anal task master so missing that run was torture for me--sitting here the next morning I still feel guilty.

This morning I feel better--much better--it still hurts on deep inhalation, but nothing like yesterday; however, I am not going to risk it.  I am playing it safe--no P90X this morning--and no strength training at the gym--the guilt is awful and I know I will be dragging today as a result--I need the endorphin high to keep me moving. 
I am going to attempt a slow jog on the treadmill...........(to be continued)


Eoin said...

Ow! Take it easy, might be worth a visit to the physio?

Racy Runner said...

You are probably right--but I am an awful patient:)

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