Running Idols

Forget the Olympians and runners who end up in every running magazine you see--give me the normal runners (now, please do not get in a huff--I admire and respect the professional runners--it is just that I am more "in-touch" with the idea of the average runner--people that I can relate to).  I will never be the fastest (well---maybe I should not say that---maybe at age 85 I will be).  I run because I love it.  It makes me feel good--healthy & strong.  A few weeks ago I read an article about a women 64 year old woman who runs 11 miles daily and has for the last 12 years--you can read about her here.  She inspired me--she looks so happy in the photograph and I want to be like her. 

Today on the Runners World Facebook Fanpage there is a post about a 95 year old Bronx woman took up running at 67---LOVE it, read about her here.  I love these stories--they give me hope.  As a runner who did not take up running until I was 39 (last year)--I find that some people love the fact that I run (regardless of how fast or long I go) while others seem to send me the "you are not a real runner vibe"--is it in my head?  I do not think so.  I have been dismissed in conversations when my 10-11 min/mile pace comes up---almost as if I was wasting their time talking about running. I have labeled these people "running snobs"--in their minds, they run--I jog.  Why do they care--why do I care---I run for me--I compete only with myself.  I am just as much of an athlete.  It would just be nice if everyone was supportive.

It is only the people who run because they really love it that get excited for me.  Excited that I have found the same "natural high" feeling that they have.  That encourage me to keep moving and support my running. My husband is a wonderful supporter.  Making time for me to run, driving the boys to and from activities when I have a run scheduled and most importantly acting in "AWE" of my run--whether it was 1 mile or 13 miles (regardless of the pace).

I will make it my personal goal to encourage others and support all other runners. 

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