4 on TM--it did not suck!

Kids are home from school today and it was my bye week for tennis.  I really wanted to hit the Y for a SPIN classes--but all classes were canceled today for the holiday.  I always find that odd on holidays like this when people have off from work they are probably looking to work out--or is that only me.

Yesterday's run outside was hard for me despite keeping it real slow--so I thought I would try intervals on the treadmill--it was so dark and gloomy outside today.  

Normally my TM runs are tortuous, but today I actually did OK--intervals-change pace/incline with every song on the iPod.  Not too shabby neighbor.

Today's song, Start the Commotion, The Wiseguys:

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Emz said...

YAY for TM not sucking!! ;)

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