1000 Miles--Goal Accomplished!

One of my running goals for 2011 was to run 1000 miles---DONE!  I hope everyone is enjoying the week--I took the week off from work and the kids and I have been veggin since the Christmas Holiday, enjoying all the fun stuff Santa brought.

I am in the process of converting all the computers to Apple--geek heaven.  There is going to be some adjustment but so far I am having a ball.  The iMac is beautiful, the 27inch screen makes me want to cry tears of joy, and the mac pro is a dream.  Now I just have to figure out how to transfer the data I need and I would love to get "home sharing" for iTunes working between all our apple devices--any suggestions?  I can see the music on the iPhone and iPad but not my playlists and unless my old laptop is on and iTunes is open I can't see home share on the mac pro---oh well, I will figure it out.

P.S. This is the first time post run that I uploaded to Garmin Connect and the laptop did not freeze or go to the Blue Screen of Death (BSD)

Last Run

4 mi
00:39 /09:48 pace

Week Miles
2011 Miles
1000 mi
Total Miles
1725 mi

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