I am not going to lie--this was TOUGH!

I knew in the first mile today that this was going to be a tough one.  I had been looking forward to this run all week.  I met N and her friend T at YMCA Camp Arrowhead to run the Henry Hudson trail today.  9 miles was on the agenda.  We started out strong, but when I was coming to the realization that I had to slow down if I wanted to get this run done--I could see these ladies were ready to GO.  This is an out and back course, so I told them to go ahead with out me.  My right glut was still acting up and I knew I needed to take at least a minute off my pace time. 

I would have hated to hold them back.  I tried to keep them in my sight but soon they were just little dots up ahead.
I turned up my iPod and tried to move to the beat.  I really need to muscle through this run.  Thankfully I had some slower paced songs on my iPod.  Jane Says by Jane's Addiction helped me keep moving:
Wanted 9--got 8.5 miles with 11:11 pace--I know SLOW-but at least I kept moving.  At 7.7 miles my right knee HURT--BIG PAIN (my glut was achy; I must not have had good form and subsequently my knee was suffering).  Now, sitting post run writing this I smell like Bengay--I love this smell!

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