It has been such a weird week and I cannot break out of this funk I am in.  The long holiday weekend left me feeling blue and I was really looking forward to getting back into a routine, particularly looking forward to some good workouts.  This week was going to be the first full week of school for the kids in a LONG time (November is such a screwy school calendar).   

Monday I took a ryde at Hammer House--my second to last class:(  Love the bikes there, but costs WAY too much. I am going to have to learn to love the Kaiser bikes at the Y.  I had runs planned T-W-Th and Sunday this week---I was looking forward to my strength training class on T followed by a 3-5 mile run, but 30 minutes into strength training I got the call--you know the "your son is in the nurse's office...".  I would like to say I was surprised, but I had a feeling he was going to be sent home.  He was not acting himself that morning--afebrile and a mild cough--but not enough to make the "stay home" decision.  Left class and the thoughts of a great run in the 65 degree unseasonal weather behind and high-tailed it to pick him up.

I hoped on the treadmill when he was settled on the couch, but 1/2 mile into the run with my left calf crying--I called it a day.  No sense ignoring all the signs.

Finn is home again today--again, no fever only a mild cough, but he is pale and not acting like himself.  So my plan of spin followed by run is put on hold.  I did manage to get 5 mile jog/walk on TM in.  I really took it easy so my calf would not hurt.  It ached a little, but no pain.

I think I needed to relax this week--I needed the change of plans.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

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