Weekly Group Runs for week of Nov 14th

Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us--everyone is welcome!
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Group Runs for Week of November 14th:

*Thursday, Nov. 17th
5 Miles Run on Henry Hudson
Meet at YMCA at Freehold at 10:20 am
(I will be coming from a Strength Training class)

*Saturday, Nov. 20th
LONG RUN Thompson Park
Meet at parking lot near the playground at 8 am
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to arrange a run together any other time.

Guess what--we are planning on running the Asbury Park 1/2 on April 21st, 2012 and we want YOU (yes, YOU) to join us!

You can register HERE.

So far the BRAVE FEARLESS Racy Runners who are signed up (or about to sign up) to participate are:


Please do not be intimidated by the distance--we will show that 13.1 miles who is boss.

Do you want to stay in shape for the holiday season?  Do you want to be healthy and feel strong?  Do you want to train for a 1/2 MARATHON or dare I say MARATHON???

Come and run with us!

Nikki and I are making it a habit to run our long runs on Sunday (we really want to cross a Marathon off our bucket list)--running long runs with someone means we hold each other accountable.  It is always easier to run a long run with a buddy.  Come and give it a try.  It does not matter how far you want to go--we will help you get the distance in that you want/need.  Don't worry about pace--running long runs slow helps to build endurance and make you stronger, so we won't be racing these runs---plus we have to keep it slow enough to chat.

Nikki and I are also working on an Abdomen Challenge---we want that 6 pack (or any definition) so bad we can taste it.  We will definitely fill you in when we see you.

Group run Sunday, November 20th  at 8am--see side bar for information.   We hope you can join us (P.S. I have my brother's engagement party the night before--so if I can get out there hung over--you can certainly give it a try).

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.
Please remember you can forward this email on to a friend or unsubscribe at the bottom of the page (you will not hurt my feelings if you unsubscribe--gone from the distribution list but not my heart).

Here are some of the Racy Runners from the November 5th Beauty and the Beach.  We braved the winds to get that 5 miles DONE!
Thank you to all the ladies who came out--Next year we will have to plan this out a little better--I never got my omelet or ladies night out--and I really needed both.

I don't know about Nikki--but I was SOOOOOOO happy with my time.  I really felt strong and I think this was a 5 mile PR for me:)  We even crossed the finish line together--unplanned.
Friday, November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving) is the Freehold BORN TO RUN race at 11 am.  This will be the third year I run this race with Conor and Ronan's first.  This is a family friendly race and I encourage you to go.  You can send in your registration ahead of time or register when you arrive.  Click HERE for more info.  What better way to burn off that pumpkin pie.

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