8 Miles of Clover Hills

Today was a wash in regards to any normal routine.  I had to miss my strength training and head over to the Middle School for open house for the boys.  There was a minor snafu due to timing, since I did not change my car clock yet and I ended up having an extra hour in between the two sessions---so Starbucks it was.

After the 8th grade open house I headed home--I had about an hour and 1/2 before the boys came home and the afternoon mayhem ensued.  So I threw on my workout gear and headed out the door.  It is 70 degrees here in the NE today--sunny, beautiful and a perfect day to run (even though it was on the warm side).  Ended up with 8 miles in my hood--which is very HILLY.  I am glad I got the 8 miles in since this weekend is going to be crazier than normal.

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