I don't know if I could have run any slower...

Strength trained this morning at the Y--you know I love that T/Th class--perfect all body conditioning.  I wanted to run after class and I did not have any set mileage in mind---as long as I got at least 3 miles in.  I headed out from the Y parking lot to the Henry Hudson Trail.  I felt great.  I keep my pace SLOW and I really felt like I could have run longer, but I was worried about over doing it after class.  I thought I was doing 12 min miles--I mean, I was SLOW--ended up with an overall 10:51 pace.

I  have the 5 mile Beauty and the Beach run this Saturday.  This will be the third year I am running.  I have come to the realization that I am not a RACER--I am a RUNNER.  I love the training for the run better than I love the actual event.  I sometimes run my training runs faster and better than the actual event.  I have never really tried to race..... I am satisfied with finishing.  My goals are not usually quantitative based.

My goals for this run are:

Run strong
No walking
Feel good
Have fun

.....I know some "runners" find those types of goals lame--thinking what good is a race if you are not shooting for a PR--I understand that their perspective is different than mine and I am OK with that.  Sure I hope my time is good--but if I get wrapped up with times it takes the fun out of the run.  I just started running in 2009--so for me the fact that I can run 5 miles and feel great doing it is such a HUGE accomplishment.  I am not a 7 min/miler and I am unlikely to place in ANY race (unless there are only 3 women running)--but I am happy just to be out there.

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Librarian on the Run said...

What you get out of a run/race is more important than the number on the clock. Enjoy the Beauty and and the Beast race, no matter how fast or slow it is!

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