5 K with Boys

The boys had off for the NJ teacher's convention, but I still managed to get a ryde at Hammer House in this morning (Ray was playing golf and did not head out until later).  It seems like even our days off are filled with chauffeuring ourselves here and there.  Soccer has been manipulating a lot of our time lately and I am ready for a break.  We have 5 games this weekend and then we have a break until spring---that is of course, not including Winter training....

Anyway, Finn was going to an impromptu practice this afternoon and I really wanted to get a run in.  I was able to convince Ronan and Conor to come with me---YEAH!  We did a 5 K in our neighborhood.  They are so beautiful when they run--I had plenty of time to admire their form and grace as they took off without me at mile 2.  

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area; the fall colors are stunning.

I have been trying to have a wheatgrass drink/day--it is not easy--it tastes like ****
Today's Splits:
Avg Pace
110:05.6 1.00 10:05.6
29:31.8 1.00 9:31.8
39:36.8 1.00 9:36.8
41:33.4 0.17 8:57.1

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