Born to Run 2011

The Born to Run 5 Mile annual race for a local food bank took place this morning at 11am.  This is the third year Conor and I ran the race and it was Ronan's first 5 mile race ever.  I love the later start time.  We all drove over to Freehold this morning at got there around 10:15 am.  I did not register ahead of time this year, and it was no problem registering right before the race; although, there was only one small shirt left and we had to get 2 mediums (which are way too big for any of us).
The tech shirts were great though--love the bright blue color.  We hit the porta potty before the race and I must say I was worried--my stomach is a mess and although I have never stopped mid race to use the bathroom, I feared today would be the first.

Here we are pre-race:

Prior to the run we talked about how we wanted to run and the boys decided we would all run together.  Since it was Ronan's first 5 mile run, I was worried about how he would do.  We started off towards the end of the pack and getting started was slow, but our first mile was 10:13 (not to bad).  Conor left us in the dust after the first .25 miles.  Ronan and I kept it steady but when we hit the downhill part we speed up, 2 mile split 9:13.  

By the time we hit the park, Ronan was losing steam.  He need to walk a stitch in his side off at mile 3 and we took walk breaks until the end.  Even with those walk breaks and basically "up incline" and hills until the end--HE DID GREAT.  Our overall time via Garmin was 51:37. 

Conor ended up with 46 min and change--a PR for him and great time on this course.  Both boys were so proud of themselves.  I was so proud of them.  We treated them to Surf Taco after the race.  I can't wait for next year--Finn is going to run it with us, we just have to work on Ray.

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