5 K with Conor before the rain

I wanted to sneak a run in today after spin, but when I got to the Y and checked my gym bag (a Vineyard Vines tote--preppy even at the gym)--no iPod.  Ronan had swiped it out of my bag and did not return it.  Running on the treadmill sans iPod is torture upon torture--so no run at the Y today.  I am glad Ronan is starting to run and I do not mind that he uses the iPod, since it really is his.  I have the larger 8G one and you can't run with that--it skips, so he was letting me borrow his.  The nanos are great for running.  

I had to head over to Target after spin to pick up presents for a B-day party Finn is going to this week and I decided to check out the iPod shuffle while I was there.  It was so cute and can be clipped right to my shirt--how could I resist.

Got to test it out on a 5 K (30:17) with Conor before the rain came down--LOVED IT!

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