Awful Almost 8

I had a rough run this morning.  I knew right away it was going to be hard when I looked at my Garmin and I was only 1.45 miles into the 8 that I wanted.  Thankfully, I had great company to help me through it.  N & N came out this morning--they are both preparing for 9/10 mile runs and wanted to get 8-9 in.  J came out to join us this morning--it was our first time meeting her and she fit right in.  We started in Thompson and headed into Cross Farms--once there, we took a break.  We all used the restroom  and got some water from the fountain.  I knew then that I was going to have SEVERE tummy troubles, but I wanted to muscle through. 

J had to get somewhere, so after running back into Thompson, we brought her to the parking lot and took a couple minutes to gab and grab some water.  Then N, N and I headed back towards the Rugby loop for 2 more.  I got to the point I have never gotten to before--I seriously had to find a bathroom STAT or I was going to pop a squat in the woods--in fact my exact words were--"I need to find a bathroom or I am going to crap in my pants".  I told them to run on and I headed to the nearest porta-potty.  My stomach was messed up by that point and I struggled to run the last 1.89 miles (ended up with just shy of an 8 mile run and I counted that as a success).

Please, Please, Please watch this video clip if you have not already seen it.  I watched it months ago but Runner's World featured Ben in a recent article and watching it again--still has the same impact --still makes me cry tears of happiness:

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