Bring the Noise--4 Miles of Hills Old School

Got my ryde in at Hammer House this morning.  I love cycling there and I am DEFINITELY noticing a difference in my core--my obliques are defined and rock hard.  Now don't get jealous, I still have a nice big tummy pouch and muffin top when I wear my low riding jeans--so there is still work to be done. I have 2 more classes left until the on sale package I purchased is done and then I will be sad girl.  I can't afford the $180 price for 10 rydes--18 dollars a ryde is STEEP.  I will have to take all my spin classes at the Y.  I love the Y--I am one of their biggest fans, but the bikes are not the same.  Oh well...

I had a lot of work to get caught up on today, but the weather was so gorgeous out and then I saw a post on Dailymile that N ran 8---I had to get out there.  As soon as Con and Ro got off the bus---off I went.  I was sooooo glad I did.  I read a great article in this months Running Times about hill work and I knew the perfect 4 mile course (N, you know the one).  Kept it steady and strong.

Post run enjoyed a Green Monster with kale, spinach, cucumber, and bananas--Yuum (trust me it tastes better than it sounds)!

I was in the mood for quiche--so spinach quiche it is (this is before it went into the oven).

Downloaded some new tunes today--Old School stuff--LOVE IT!
Today's Song, Bring in the Noise, Public Enemy:

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