It is Friday

Friday always feels better than it's counterparts---there is just something special about a Friday.  Even if you do not have plans for the weekend (or maybe because you do not have plans), there is this feeling of "Ahhhhhh" that washes over me every Friday that comes around.

Today my plan was to get 5 miles in before Tennis.  I had an hour after getting the kids on the bus to sneak the run in--just enough time.  Weeeeeeell---that is not how it went.  This blog should be about how I never stick to what I plan on.  Got caught chatting with some nice ladies and time slipped away.  I was able to sneak in 1.8 miles at Dorbrook before tennis--it felt good, but with the lack of running in my schedule lately, I have self doubts about how far I can run now.  I do want to thank the man in the bright yellow t-shirt who ran by me as if I was walking---he kept me going at a nice steady pace for the mile.

Here are some of the photos of the Library trail I usually run on Wednesday's.  One thing Colts Neck is not short on are the deer.  To some locals, they are pests, but for me, they are one of the many reasons I choose to live here.  I LOVE them.  There is nothing better than to look out the window and see them meandering in the yard.  This little one was on the running path.  She (yes, she looks like a she to me) stood off the path in the woods, while I snapped the photo.


Emz said...

how beautiful.

Yep, I'm jealous!

Librarian on the Run said...

It's so great to be able to enjoy the wildlife on a run. Happy Friday!

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