Spring Lake 5

The Spring Lake 5 was this morning and I was excited to run it.  I had been worried all week about the possible heat and humidity, but when I woke up this morning and it was raining---I was thrilled---I know bad tourist weather for beach area--but GREAT running weather. 

By the time the family and I got to the beach it was drizzling and overcast but not too cold--PERFECT.  Hit the porta potties right away--a must----picked up my race shirt--SUPER CUTE!
I also picked up a tech shirt with same logo on it---light weight and great for those hot days.  I know I am not speedy so I positioned my self mid way in the starting crowd---but I really wish I had started closer to the starting line.  It took me 3 miles to break free of the starting crowd.  

I was amazed at large number of walkers who positioned themselves right up front.  I literally had to dodge people and cut through groups just to maintain my sloooooow and steady pace.  Even the last 2 miles were an obstacle field and I really feared being tripped.  At one point a lady got pissed at me because I cut in between her and her friends who were slow jogging one next to each other in a row, literally blocking traffic ---I am a polite runner (I ran without an iPod due to the crowd and used verbal cues on my passing, like--"passing on the left")--I had said excuse me and was practically killing myself trying to get around groups of walkers and slow joggers---and the numerous people who decided to stop running mid stride right in front of me.  Anyway this lady needed to take a chill pill---the sad thing was one of the ladies she was running next to  had on a shirt that said, "you just got passed by a mother"--I was admiring her friend's shirt and made the assumption that they were fellow "Run Like a Mother runners"--you know---women like me....well, even after the rude comment she made, I turned around and apologized, pointing out that I had said excuse me (thinking the fact that they were running side by side in a row on the left so no one could pass was kinda obvious)---and she still would not let it go, continuing to make rude comments---so off I ran--nothing I could do about it.  Despite her and the crowd the race was great.  The crowds cheering us on were fun and I LOVED the firetrucks stationed around the route with their water hoses squirting.

I felt strong and I definitely started off slower than normal---I just wish I could have broken through the crowds--I could have maintained a faster pace.

My garmin time (official time n/a) 49:09 (although I forgot to turn off my watch when I hit the finish)
Avg Pace
100:10:22 1.00 10:22
200:09:45 1.00 09:45
300:09:48 1.00 09:48
400:09:38 1.00 09:38
500:09:02 1.00 09:02
600:00:31 0.06 09:01


Dimity and Sarah said...

Great job on your race today! I can't believe how RUDE that one woman was to you. Unreal that she kept griping at you...yikes!

So impressive how hard you've been bitten by the running bug. Keep up the great work!

Racy Runner said...

Thank you, ladies.

At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I am such a HUGE fan. I loved your book (found out about it reading Tall Mom's blog) and I have been recommending it to all my running mother friends. Thank you so much for writing it; it is very motivating and a fun read.

The fact that you read my little ole blog is flattering and I will be basking in the natural high feeling (you know, that post run feeling) for awhile--Thank you.

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