Great day for a run!

Great Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group today! Today we discussed the recent ABC "What Would You Do" about mothers breastfeeding in public.  I love the ladies---feeding your baby is not obscene and is simply a means to an end.  In a society where breasts are culturally excepted in a bikini--on a Victoria's Secret model---splashed all over advertisements---it just seems so strange that breastfeeding in public is such a controversy---OK, I will step off my soapbox---if you want to follow my breastfeeding posts, you can become a fan of the The Lactation Lady HERE.

I have been having a hard time sticking to my running plan lately---I need to make it a priority.  Today, I had 5 on the schedule.  I could have easily headed home after group today.  I was hungry, tired, and had loads of laundry waiting for me---but I mentally talked myself into it.  Someone said to me once, "You will never regret the run you take--you will always regret the run you did not take".  So I hit the streets, but I was still wrestling with the run at mile 2 and changed routes to see if I could get into the groove.  It was a great day for a run---overcast and cooler--you could smell the rain in the air. This field was picture perfect and had an immediate calming reflex on me---the grass was blowing with the wind--so rhythmic and beautiful.

Here is another shot--the picture does not capture the beauty of the field--you will have to trust me.  No music today--but I could not get this one song out of my head.  4.85 miles, 9:40 pace.

Today's song, OMG, Usher

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Bethany + Ryan said...

beautiful field!!! so peaceful!

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