Honeysuckle is the Best Smell!

This am I hit the gym for Strength Training with Abby.  I had to miss the class on Tuesday due to a work meeting and I really missed it---what am I going to do this summer when the boys are not in school???  They are too old for the gym daycare and too young to stay at home.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I will need to switch up my workout routine---I am going to have to get up early and run while they are still asleep (before Ray goes to work)---this will take a herculean effort.  I am an early riser anyway--but running at 5 or 6 am seem semi tortuous.

Oh well, we still have a few weeks left in the school year.  Today I wanted to sneak 3 miles in.  I have the Spring Lake 5  race on Saturday and I am a little worried.  Running has been such a struggle lately---exhausted with small distances and the heat and humidity are killing me.  I would really like to run fast and strong in this race--I would really love to PR (wow, that is the first time I have ever used that in a sentence---maybe, I am becoming a real runner).

Today's run--Henry Hudson trail (pick up in Freehold near Y)--2.83 miles 9:45 pace.  The honeysuckle was in bloom and smelled so sweet --that coupled with the smell of rain in the area made it a perfect run.

Today's song, New Order, Love Vigilantes


Stacey said...

I love those early morning runs. I love being done with a 5 mile run before everyone is awake... as for running in the heat/humidity, pour water on your head at every aid station, or every couple of miles..it really helps!! Good luck. Honeysuckle is my favorite!

Sunflower Kisses said...

I love honeysuckle too! I run by a nice stretch of thick honeysuckle bushes and it smells so good. Check out Bath and Body Works - they used to have a honeysuckle EDT.

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