One Crazy Week and Injury---Oh my!

It is turning out to be a crazy week; I guess that makes it no different than any other week:) 

This morning we had a state meeting of NJ partners for Shaping NJ.  NJ is gearing up for a statewide fight against childhood obesity.  I am a member of the breastfeeding workgroup representing the Monmouth/Ocean Breastfeeding Consortium.  We know breastfed infants have lower rates of childhood and adult obesity and choosing to breastfeed is a great way to initiate healthy lifestyle choices right from the get go---you can not get any more organic than breastmilk.  I am excited about the action plan and strategies that will be put into implementation (breastfeeding is just a piece); however, it did mean forgoing a run today.
I knew I would be short of runs this week and I was hoping to make it up by adding in less but longer runs; however, my left groin (which hurt on my run on Friday) just started really hurting today.  It hurts enough for me to know that it needs rest and some TLC.  Maybe this busy week and the rainy weather report for the next few day are signs----nature knows I am a stubborn lady and would likely run too far and too fast and further aggravate this injury.

When I don't run---I think about running and envy the people I see out there.  There was a man running in the middle of the road tonight (yes, the middle along the double yellow lines) when I went on one of my many kid runs (I forgot to mention that along with my own business and volunteer work that chauffeuring my children around is my main gig) ---we live in a rural area, but the speed on these county roads with little or no shoulder area is dangerous.  After calling him a few choice words (in my head, because the kids were in the car)--I envied him for running--it is a beautiful evening and the cooler weather here in the NE is great for running---let's hope he survives the run and makes it home to enjoy the post run high.

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Xavi Garcia said...

Running, running and more running!! is it a sickness? lol

Cheers from Tokyo!

¨XTB¨ Xavi.

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