I am so lucky!

I love where I live (no, I never thought I would end up staying in NJ--California, NY, Seattle, anywhere overseas but NJ No way!---I spent my entire teenage/college years planning my escape but I married a man that HATES change ----the reality is though that I am lucky--I live in a great location and LIFE IS GOOD)--Monmouth County is beautiful and I have the best of both worlds---rural country and shore (plus I am only a hope-skip-jump-ferry-bus-train-car ride from NYC or Philadelphia.  

Today I had a meeting for the Monmouth Ocean County Breastfeeding Consortium we were planning our annual conference and this year our speaker is Nils Bergman (the skin-to-skin guru).  Since we meet at the VNA WIC site in Belford-Middletown, I thought today would be a perfect day to run at Sandy Hook.  

Sure it was HOT and HUMID out and I would be running smack in the middle of the day---but I was looking forward to the beautiful views.  Recently the family and I took our bikes on the trail there and I knew it would be a perfect running location.

I really have been having a hard time running lately.  In my mind I can easily bang out 13 miles, but in actuality one mile is a struggle.  It is always difficult and I have had a hard time finding my "groove" lately.  So today I wanted to focus on the scenery and my pace---no iPod.  
Still really sweaty despite the breeze...
Avg Pace
100:08:49 1.00 08:49
200:09:05 1.00 09:05
300:10:11 1.00 10:11
400:10:09 1.00 10:09
500:05:03 0.50 10:09
Ran faster than I intended--I need to focus on slowing down in order to add the mileage. 


Emz said...

Yay for speed though! ;)

I do a no iPod run twice a week. Hard [for me] at first but I love it.

Sunflower Kisses said...

I like running without music. Less hassle. :)
Looks like you found a pretty place to run.

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