A Run Planned the Morning After Too Much Wine---What was I thinking?

Well Ray is away for work/golf??? I give all those single moms and dads out there a lot of credit---it is not easy.  The chauffeuring job alone with 3 boys (2 sports) is enough to drive me crazy.  After spending all day yesterday on the LAX fields and driving back and forth to playdates and soccer practice---I was spent.

I really wanted to sneak a long run in this weekend, but it did not look like it was in the cards for me.  Yesterday's was a beautiful August like day--it was HOT!!!  So I thought I could wake up early today and run around the neighborhood leaving Con in charge.  I had it all planned out a nice 5 mile run with HILLS; my workout gear was laid out and ready, but alas I decided to have a glass of wine and read last night before bed.  Well, it was one BIG glass (with maybe a refill) and needless to say, I was not feeling particularly great when awakening at 6:30 am.  

Not one for quitting before I even get started---I got ready, laced up the sneaks, and hit the road---my first mile was strong--9:08 pace--I felt strong and then I hit the hill (or wall)---Walk--tried to get back into the groove after walking would have required nothing short of a miracle---ran home, cutting my run short---my training will have to start tomorrow (no wine tonight:).

Will have to make do with coffee and Sunday NYT to relax me today.  

Do I have enough time to train for marathon in Sept?  Will I be able to train this summer with the kids out of school?  What training program should I use? 

Today's song, Brian Setzer, Jump Jive an Wail (I Heart Brian Setzer)

Not a bad pace for walking almost a mile.

Avg Pace
100:09:08 1.00 09:08
200:12:21 1.00 12:21
300:08:31 0.80 10:37

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