I Need to Make a Plan and Stick to It!

So, I had my running scheduled for the week and this morning was supposed to be 8 miles.  Well, it was overcast and drizzling this am when I woke up--I was actually happy about that.  It was so hot (80-90s) and humid the last 2 days--a little drizzle and no sun was welcoming.

As the kids and I whipped through our morning routine (you moms know how crazy the morning can be between papers that needed to be signed and forgotten assignments---not to mention actually feeding the kids), the rain started to come down in buckets.  I tried not to be upset--I decided I would still head to the YMCA Western Monmouth. I was going to pick up the Henry Hudson trail for my run and then do a spin class, but with the heavy rain (I am afraid of chaffing) I changed my plans---2 miles treadmill run (you know how much I love the treadmill [sarcastic]) that is all I can squeak out--in my mind I ran 10--then I look down and see 1.5 miles---ran faster to get the last .5 in before spin---2 spin classes back to back.

I HEART spin--but it is not as physically demanding (for me) as running is.  I could spin for hours--yes, I sweat---I sweat A LOT--but it does not drain me the way running does.  So now I am left with a feeling of disappointment.

Disappointed in myself for not sticking with my plan--that is so not like me (sticking with the plan--type A task master here).  

I need to focus on a good plan--sticking to it--and getting used to running no matter what!  I need a running partner--someone that will hold me accountable--guilt is a motivator for me.

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