I am Wonder Woman

This week is turning out to be no better than last week in regards to getting my planned runs in.  Since I was unable to get a long run in Monday or yesterday, I wanted to run after Bosom Buddies group today.  I had a route all planned---I think part of the fun for me is planning a new route, one I have not traveled before.  I love running through Colts Neck---down roads I only usually travel on in my car.  Running places that seem far to drive ---and I run the whole route---it makes me feel invisible and strong (invisible in relation to "look what I can do" and not invisible like I can not die--although, I do imagine that I am WONDER WOMAN from time to time).

Here is what I imagine I look like running:
Ok, I don't look exactly like that---I have red hair after all:)

I did not eat breakfast (other than a handful of peanuts at the bus stop this am with the boys--I am a peanut/peanut butter fiend) and I had a protein bar I planned on eating at group, but forgot.  So I shoved the bar in right before the run---that did not work out so well.  It was so hot and I really needed a good meal.  I ended up walking 1 mile (warm up/cool down) and running 4 (about .5 mile walk mixed in).  I need to condition myself to the heat.  I will try again on Friday---I have a great route all mapped out.

Today's song, Save it For Later, English Beat (one of my faves)

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