Hi my name is Casi and I am addicted to SPIN!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SPIN class, but I remember when I was introduced to it and thought otherwise.  A little over a year ago a friend asked me to attend a class with her.  She had raved about SPIN and how great of a workout it was (thank you G).  I did not know what was in store for me.  Up until then my bike riding consisted of leisurely rides or most recently (the last few years) lots of frequent stops and riding around in circles as the boys learned how to ride (first with training wheels and then without).  Even now our family rides usually end up with Finn and I taking up the rear.  So I really was surprised at the vigor of a SPIN class--not to mention the seat issue.

This first class was just OK--sure I got a workout, but I really did not know what I was doing.  Even though I stood up and mimicked the other women--my form was AWFUL.  By the end of the class I was SWEATY but I did not have a full appreciation of the workout.  It did not help that the instructor played show-tunes and encouraged singing along---not really my cup of tea.  Anyway.....it was about that time that I joined the Y.

I already mentioned why I love the Y---but here it is again...I LOVE the eclectic clientele--no gym stereotypes.  I also love that you do not have to sign up for the SPIN classes ahead of time--no, you can just show up.

The first few times I did SPIN there, I did not get up out of my seat--I truly had to focus on keeping my legs moving.  I love seeing new people come into class now--I really try to encourage them not to give up on it --to come back again--that it takes awhile to get used to it--but once you do, you will be hooked like me.  I think it is a great workout (next to running of course--running is harder for me).

Recently I found out that a SPIN studio here in Colts Neck that has amazingly cool spin bikes is charging $25/class---are they CRAZY!  That seems awfully excessive to me.  This morning I took 2 spin classes back to back--that would have been $50 (a little less than what my family of 5 pays for monthly membership at the Y)--one week of SPIN classes there would be more than my family's membership at the Y---those must be some bikes!

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Emz said...

I love spin too [well once the hour is over]. ;) Such an amazing workout. but seriously $25/class?! There better be a promise of a sub 3 marathon attached to the cost.

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