If I Hear Muscle Weighs More Than Fat One More Time....

Strength training this am at the Freehold YMCA.  I love the Y and the eclectic people it attracts--no stereotypical gym types here--all shapes, all sizes, all cultures---love it.  There is a strength training instructor there who is the BEST--she is a runner too (although, she is way outta my league).  I love how this class makes me feel strong---but I am getting discouraged that with all the weight training, spin, and running--I have only gained weight.

Despite training for 1/2 marathon, all the exercise, and the fact that I am a total health food nut (and my calorie count/day is in the low range)---not a pound lost ---about 4 gained.  I am officially 15-20 lbs overweight--No, my clothes are not fitting better--they are GD tight.  I think every woman has at least 2 "range of clothes" in her closet---I have what I would like to consider my regular size and then my larger ut-oh size---I am officially wearing the ut-oh size.  I am getting desperate, will I lose weight running--ever? I was already crazy muscular--my legs could compete with Arnold's---I am not kidding, I have always had freaky muscular legs---now if only my abdomen held the same magical muscular power.

Tomorrow is a booked day so I knew I wanted to get a good run in (a good run for me is at least 5 miles).  After strength training I hit the Henry Hudson trail, in connects right near the Y---I got a little lost and ended up running towards Marlboro--I had have run this route before from the other direction---I wanted to see where the route went into Freehold---on my way back to the Y, I saw the trail pick up---it was hidden--the path disconnects in several places due to all the home construction in the last few years in that area---holy McMansion.  I am looking forward to exploring that route another day.

5.25 miles---pace 9:34---not bad--I was sure I was going 11 min miles---but thanks to a man in red shorts I followed through miles 2.-4 I stayed steady and strong.  I love following (he was a good .2-.3 miles in front of me--- it helps me keep pace).

Today's song, They Might Be Giants, Ana Ng



Stacey said...

Are you getting enough sleep? Sometimes it is just a simple thing that needs tweaking in order for the weight to come off easier. Good luck

Sunflower Kisses said...

How about "water retention?" Just kidding.
Good luck on losing weight. Don't give up. Losing weight is never easy - at least for me. So you are not alone.

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, Ladies. I will keep working on it:)

Karen said...

I haven't lost any weight either...sound like we are in the same boat. Muscular legs with tummys who won't listen. lol! Ah well...good luck with the weight loss! :0)

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