Wow, do I sweat!

I wanted to get a run in this morning; I had a lunch appointment that was moved up an hour, so the longer run I envisioned was not going to materialize---that was probably a good thing.  My legs felt like lead today and I stopped to walk up some of the larger hills---very hilly route.  I am always hot and sweaty when I run---but today was crazy--when I stopped running, the sweat went into overdrive. I had a puddle collecting on the table under my face as I sat to drink water and read the emails I missed when I got back home.  I know I should have grabbed a picture--but you will have to trust me--it was NOT pretty. Sitting here post shower--I am still sweating.

I found a neat little hide-away trail on my route today.  Here is a picture of the land dedication; I wish I knew the story of how the land "came to be"--about why the Schlesinger's decided to donate the land to the park system:

Here is a picture of the trail entrance:
6 miles; pace 10:26
Today's song, Teenage Dirtbag, Wheatus

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Stacey said...

I love that song! It makes me laugh!
I am a sweaty runner as well. I have learned to embrace it. Have a great weekend.

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