Last run before 1/2

My work schedule the last 2 weeks has been crazy (new job training) and today I had tons of errands to get done--but of course, I fit in some strength training at the Y and a 3 mile run at Thompson Park.

No one was able to meet me for the run today:(--but it was so beautiful out, I did not mind.  I was looking forward to a nice easy fun run.  
It was kismet that my Garmin claimed "low battery" (I know I charged this bad boy up--but maybe the gods were trying to tell me something--so the run was sans Garmin).
Even the porta potty at the rugby field was clean and ready for me:)
---because I have run these trails so often, I am guesstimating a 3.5 mile run in the sun.

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Christina said...

Looks like a pretty sunny day for a run.
Good luck on your half!

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