It is HOT out there:)

5 miles on the agenda today.  After Strength Training at the Y, I hit Starbucks and the supermarket, since my work appointment was canceled at the last minute last night. A nice venti soy latte and I am good to go.

It is hot and humid today, but I thought I could bang 5 out--I did, but it was not pretty.  The sweat stung my eyes so bad and tech shirts are not good at wiping the sweat away.  I ended up walking the 4th mile.
Avg Pace
100:09:53 1.00 09:53
200:09:51 1.00 09:51
300:10:11 1.00 10:11
400:13:20 1.00 13:20
500:10:16 1.00 10:16
Got it DONE! It was a really beautiful day; even the horses at the end of the street thought so:

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