This Run = Colossal Fail; 13 turns into 10.5

I was soooo excited.  Today was the day Con and I were going to run the race route.  It is 2 weeks until the half.  I really really needed to run the training run strong and steady---GIGANTIC FAIL!  Con had been fighting off a cough all week---one mile in he started complaining that he could not do it--since that was nothing new, I told him to move it.  We were already maintaining a SLOW 11 minute mile.  By 2.5 miles he quit.  I convinced him to run to the end of Belmar where the Dunkin Donuts was--3 miles exactly.  He could have some water, eat a bagel, play Brickreaker on my phone and I could run some more. 

Well what mother wants to leave her almost 14 yr old in a Dunkin Donuts and finish a run--Me.  I called Ray who was pulling double duty taking Ro to a LAX game and soccer game with Finn to let him know the plan.  Since Con did not have his phone, that meant I would run sans phone (I hated this--not only could I snap no photos and it was BEAUTIFUL out, but not being able to call and check in on him drove me crazy and I had to cut the run short because of worry).  Ended up running 4 instead of the 6 after dropping him off.  Picked him up at mile 7 to finish and get to the car in Ocean Grove.

Ended up running 10.5--but forgot to hit my Garmin after our hundredth stop so it read 9.6 miles---UGGG!  I want to run this race with my son and I know he can do it.  He wants to do it--I do not make him run, but on the other hand I need him to know the race is important to me too and I have been training for 18 weeks....

I feel like we have not had a successful run (defined as a run without a hundred stops) in a months--we are screwed.  My goal of finishing this 1/2 quicker than my first half last year is slowly going down the toilet.

I know that I would rather run a slower run with him at my side instead of beating last year's time--BUT I still want to do my best--walking and stopping so often means we are looking at a 3 hour 1/2 instead of the 2:15 (dare I say 2:10) I was hoping for. 

On top of it all, I physically could not run the extra 5 K to make a full 13 today.  My right knee HURT--I tried to run a little after we got to the car and made it only to the Asbury Park Convention Center before calling it quits and walking back to the car.  This run = colossal fail!


Christina said...

If it makes u feel any better, I have a half marathon next week and my knee is crappy and I have been wrestling with a cold, bronchitis and whatever nasties there are out there. I haven't got a 10-mile in at all.
It will work out. Cross your fingers! :)

Racy Runner said...

Christina, I hope you are feeling better. Rest up. I will be sending you some good vibes--good luck with your race.

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