I'm Shipping up to Boston

I'm shipping up to Boston--we'll not me personally--but I will be there in spirit.  I am a new runner and I love it--but I will probably never (or not until I reach the 70 yr + age group) qualify for Boston.  That being said, I LOVE all the hype and I will still work at building my endurance and getting faster.

For those runners who are running tomorrow--i wish you all the best of luck and I hope you enjoy every minute; it really it a wonderful thing to be able to say you BQ'd (is that the right term?).

3 Mile Quickie to shake the legs out:
Avg Pace
100:09:40 1.00 09:40
200:09:17 1.00 09:17
300:09:15 1.00 09:15

Today's song, I'm Shipping up to Boston, Dropkick Murphy's (I love this song):

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