6 Miles in the Sun

It is gorgeous here today in the NE.  Went for a group run this morning with some Race Runners.  I ran with my friend N who pushed her son A in the jog stroller the entire time---when she was apologizing for going slow, I was thanking her for the break---we had a nice steady run in the sun.  It is truly amazing out there.  Our other friends B and J ended up doing a 6 miles run/walk combo.  I think we were all happy just to be outside.  

I wore a new running skirt today and I don't know if it was the length of the inseam or the hot weather---but I ended up with chaffing on my thighs---this could be trouble.  I was debating running the 11 today (instead of Sunday as planned), but the rubbing of my skin was driving me crazy.  What to wear for the 1/2 marathon?  I wanted to wear shorts or a running skirt, but not if my thighs rub together the entire time. I guess this is a real sign that the extra 15 lbs has got to go.



MJ said...

Thanks for the comment about the Zyrtec. I'm going to pick some up tomorrow to take, I have a run on Sunday I want to be on my game for. Did you try using Glide for the skirt? Hope you can get it to wear comfortably :)

Racy Runner said...

MJ---perfect timing--I just ordered Glide so it will come in time for my race. Thanks.

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