First Running Blister Ever

Today I was scheduled for a Recovery Run and I wanted to go 4-5 miles.  I could have sworn I ran 5 miles, but I only made it 4.  I felt like I was running in reverse today---my feet weighed a ton from my wet soggy sneakers, and the wind was wicked.  I got my first running blister ever---darn, wet shoes.

Here is a picture of the part of the path (notice the ducks in the background)
In some of the larger puddles (yes, larger than this one), 
the ducks were swimming around:

When I got home, I was unable to open the garage door--car opener did not work---key pad did not work---finally realized we had no power---thankfully, I found some house keys in my glove compartment or I would have really been screwed since Ray is going to be home late (he is going to a Devils game, box seats---lucky guy).  Finally made it in the house---no electricity---no water pressure----no sump pump working---quickly flooding basement---not to mention, since I took a spin class in the am and then ran 4 miles, I was smelling pretty ripe and was counting on that shower.  Just as I was getting ready for a wipey shower (baby wipes)--thinking that was the best I could do and I had to roll with the punches--the power came back on and I spent the next hour shop vacing the basement--yeah!

Today's song, Big Audio Dynamite, Rush

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Karen said...

YUCK! Sorry for all the mess and the blister! Glad the power came back on though! :0)

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