Dust Bunnies Galore

I was all set to go strength train this morning, but instead I got caught on an hour long phone call with my insurance company---I will not go into details but this was a follow up phone call for an unresolved issues that previous phone calls/emails/faxes did not solve---uuuugh!

So I decided to spin at home and maybe sneak in one of the many DVRed shows I have yet to watch.  After adjusting the bike from the setting one of the boys must have set, since the seat was located down near the peddles---I settled in for what I hoped was an hour long session.  I was booking and the sun was shining in the sun room windows---when ut oh---what is that-----hundreds--I mean hundreds of dust bunnies all over.  You could have made an entire dog from all the dog hair that was there.  

I tried to ignore it--I did, but it was impossible.  Off the bike, out comes the vacuum and mop----can this count as my workout today???

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