Did not have it in me today

I know some days are better than others, but this run was really hard and humbling---I knew right from the get go that my heart was not in it.  I was meeting the mother.runners this afternoon at Cheesequake State Park and I was really looking forward to the new running route---I had downloaded the park map ahead of time and was looking forward to the run like a first date---but alas, I knew a mile in that this was not going the way I planned.  I was holding all my tension in my neck and shoulders and despite trying to loosen up, I just could not.  On top of it I felt dizzy/lightheaded and felt like I could have easily vomited at mile 3.  I really felt like I should have thrown in the towel at 3 miles, but I muscled through---7 miles was on my training plan for today and with the kids off the next two weeks for Spring break---I need to get the runs in when/where I can.

The last mile was torture--the tension and dare I say it---PAIN settled in my left mid back area---thankfully I could call it a day a mile 7.  Sitting here now, I still feel a little dizzy---loading up on H2O---I think I was dehydrated. 

Today, song 

Overall my pace was OK--10:38, but I expected an 7 mile run to feel easier now that I have been putting the miles in----HUMBLING---will it ever feel easier?  or can I just chalk this up to a bad day/run?



Amanda said...

I'm curious, which Garmin do you have and are you pleased with it? I've been looking at them online and there are no stores that have them near where I live, so I can't play with them in person before I buy one.

Sunflower Kisses said...

At least you finished what you set out to do, so kudos for that! :) You also made some decent pace - a pace I wish I can sustain for 7 miles.

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, ladies. Sunflower Kisses, this was fast for me too---I really think if I had run at a more comfortable pace (for me; I know it is all relative) it would have gone better.

Amanda, I purchased the Garmin 305 about 4 months ago and I already feel like I got my moneys worth--I am a huge gadget geek and I love sifting through all the glorious data:)---OK, you get the picture.

I did a comparison between the garmin 305 and the recent smaller/more expensive model the garmin 405---I really almost purchased the 405 just because the size and color choices until I noticed that all the runner sites that compared the products seemed to be in favor of the 305 (easier-reliable-love it-price-and the 405 has a "touchy" bevel---were just some of the things I keep seeing over and over). One of the ladies I run with had the 305--it is her picture on Amazon (link below) where she shows that it is not too big---she has her arm across her chest. I ordered from Amazon and it arrived in days---super easy to set up. I LOVE it---it is still motivating--meaning I look forward to running with it just to get more data:)


Amanda said...

The 305 is the one I've been leaning toward. I've been reading reviews too and seeing the same thing about the 405. I like the fact that the 305 is waterproof. Thanks for the input, it helped. :)

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