Running Through My Dreams

I dream of running.  I hear the sound of my feet hitting the trail and I can see myself moving along the route.  I have had several running dreams since I starting running and I always feel great when I awaken.  Can I count them as runs?  I started to use the technique to help me fall asleep---insomnia runs in my family.  It is so hard to turn my brain off at night.  I have too much work to do; thinking about all the things “I have to do”, replaying conversations in my mind and thinking about the things I should have said or done, and just plain worrying. The night before I had my 10 mile run planned, the longest run I have ever done, I ran the route as I feel asleep.  I envisioned myself cruising along the roads on my route; imagining how long it would take and how I would feel.

So I guess running is my way of counting sheep.

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