Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Today I was scheduled to run 8 with the training group, mother.runners, but with the thunder and hail the size of marbles this morning and a call for thunder & lightening this afternoon, we all decided to go it alone.  It turned out to be PERFECT running weather, overcast, cool, and misting towards the end of the run when I really needed to cool down.  At first I thought the weather was a little cool and I was glad I had my gloves, but as always I ended the run wishing I was in my underwear and jog bra----I am always a sweaty mess when I run.  The sweat coupled with the bright red almost purple hue to my face always makes a pretty picture.  I think the people who see me out running look fearful because they are probably wondering if they are going to have to perform CPR.

Today's song, The Ramones, Sheena is a Punk Rocker

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Denise said...

LOVE that song!!

weather has been so nice lately for running. much better than those frigid days last month!

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