Tough Run

Ran 5 today after 2 hours of tennis and it was TOUGH!  I really could have used some company, but no one showed up today to run and I had to go it alone---always harder.  I muscled through it.  My time was good, but does NOT account for a few breaks where I literally fell to the ground out of sheer exhaustion but managed to turn my GPS to pause.
Avg Pace
100:08:53 1.00 08:53
200:09:03 1.00 09:03
300:09:05 1.00 09:05
400:09:02 1.00 09:02
500:08:42 1.00 08:42
I did not snap any photos today, but I did take a couple yesterday.  Yesterday, all I wanted was a Mother's Day run, and a glass of wine and time to read my book at night (the boys had 5 sports activities scheduled---yeah, Happy Father's Day is what I think).  

Well, Conor said he would run with me in the morning but a mile into our 5-7 mile run he complained of hip pain???? I think running around in cleats with no support is the culprit--he did not have ANY pain after the half or during the training.  Although, he did say I could run ahead--I tried that once before to only worry about him the entire time---so back to the car we went--1 mile walk.  I ran a mile when we got home to find Ray and Finn who went fishing at the pond down the street and then had just enough time to shower before we had to head out.

Here are 2 photos from our 1 mile run at the Henry Hudson trail--it really was a perfect day for a run:

Here are the beautiful flowers that are all in bloom around the pond down the street--are they irises?
I wish I had more time to run yesterday--but I did get to spent all day with the kids:)  

I never did get that glass of wine either (the liquor store was closed by the time we got done with all the sports)--oh well, maybe next year.

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