Just had time for 4 before sports Sunday began

Set my alarm to get up at 7 am for a run--awoke to rain and thunder so tried to hop back into bed to catch some extra "z"s.  What a mistake?  I should have just gotten up to run in the rain.  It really was not raining that hard, but knowing no one was going to meet me, meant that I had an excuse (you know I can always manifest an excuse). 

Ended up getting 4 in before having to head out for a Sunday of soccer and lax--can't wait for June when the sports start to lessen up. 
Today's song. LMFAO, Party Rock

Avg Pace
100:09:20 1.00 09:20
200:09:15 1.00 09:15
300:09:41 1.00 09:41
400:09:20 1.00 09:20

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