5 with a friend--always better than running alone

So glad N was able to meet for an impromptu run at Thompson Park today after tennis.  I have been trying to run at least 20 Miles/week.  One of my running goals is to run 1000 with Tall Mom this year and I am proud to say I have been keeping up with my mileage.  Now with the 1/2 over, I need a new race goal---I am working on that.  I hope to convince N and some other mother runners to find a nice destination run to work towards--any suggestions?

In the meantime, I am trying to make 5 my short run.  I still want to get one long run in a week, but with life and the boys sports schedules, I am lucky to get the 20 miles/week in.  

Here our our splits---not bad for chatting the whole way.  I thought our first mile was the fastest--but mile 2 and 3 were???

Avg Pace
100:10:29 1.00 10:29
200:09:49 1.00 09:49
300:10:15 1.00 10:15
400:10:11 1.00 10:11
500:10:38 1.00 10:38

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