Tips for Running in Humidity????

Running when it is over 65 degrees is challenging enough but coupled with killer humidity, it can be downright ridiculous. 
93 Degrees with Wicked Humidity on my run yesterday
I met L for a 5 mile run yesterday at Cross Farms Park.  I had planned on the mile run into Thompson, then to take the Reservoir Trail 1.5 out and back, and then back to car.  The trail would keep us slow (there are lots of roots) and it is shaded.  Unfortunately, about 2 miles in--I bonked.  I had strength trained at the gym right before and did not feel great.  Despite eating breakfast and downing a protein shake after the gym--I was EXHAUSTED.  

I would have guessed my heart rate was up to 180 but alas it was 98??? Heat and Humidity are my kryptonite.

I have "Google'd" running in humidity and aside from the expected tips there does not seem to be a "solution":

1) Try to run in early am before it gets to hot--super fail--I have come to the realization that I need 8 hours of sleep.  We try to get up at 5 am to do P90X but it has not been happening.  Running prior to breakfast could not be more unappealing to me (I know, "Whine, Whine, Whine")

2) BRING WATER ----I hate running with something in my hands, but after running those 2 miles yesterday I needed water and ELECTROLYTES and did not have any.  I downed an entire bottle of the "whinny" water I keep in the car for the boys--you know the water you have on hand for the, "I'mmmmm THIRRRSTYYYY" moments.  I should have had my Nathan water bottle with a NUUN tablet in it on the run

3) Go slow--I get this concept but I don't think walking 3/4 of the run was what anyone had in mind

4) Wear sunscreen and appropriate clothes--NO cotton--light moisture wicking material only

Will my body adjust--should I continue to muscle through.  Last summer my running fell to the wayside due to the heat and humidity and I had to almost start from scratch when September came around.  I really want to keep my mileage on track.  I want to master running in the heat.  Will it get easier?

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