Reminder--Don't eat 4 slices of pizza and run 5 miles

Crazy week with Ray away, work, and kids sports schedules---wanted needed to sneak 5 in so when Ronan had Lacrosse last night at Cross Farms, I went prepared.  The only problem was that we decided to eat as a family at Orlando's, our local Colts Neck favorite pizza place, before hand.  Ray got in from his trip around 4:30 giving us an hour before he rushed off with Conor to a soccer game and I headed the other direction with Ronan.

Now, for those who don't know-I am a health food nut--vegetarian, who eats limited dairy--in fact, one of my only dairy exceptions is PIZZA.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza and could easily eat an entire pie ANYTIME.  I could also eat PIZZA all day long, but limit myself to one pizza night a week.  Pizza/Movie night is our normal family Friday routine, but with sports last night and then Book Club with the ladies for me, we could just sneak the pizza part in.

It was a gorgeous night out and I felt OK until I hit 2 miles--then the tummy rumbling kicked in.  
Today's Song, Peg O My Heart, Dropkick Murphy's (I am on a Dropkick Murphy's kick--love them):

I ran fast and my time and splits are great......BUT.....they do not account for the 3 trips to the bathroom (I turned my Garmin off for those and no, I do not consider that cheating):
Avg Pace
100:08:40 1.00 08:40
200:08:41 1.00 08:41
300:08:48 1.00 08:48
400:08:51 1.00 08:51
500:08:51 1.00 08:51

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Christina said...

:) That is definitely not cheating.

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