Can't Run

This is a repost from yesterday morning---Blogger went on the fritz yesterday:
I have read about runners who are injured and followed their blogs as they post their heartache about all the missed runs and I have been injured before---BUT this is different--this injury is painful enough that I can't muscle through and get a run in.  I pulled something in my left hip/glut area and walking is fine, but running is a HUGE NO NO.  Even with a mimicked jog--the sharp pain sets in and I just KNOW that running on it would be a HUGE mistake.  
I think it happened carrying in some grocery bags from the delivery truck on Monday night.  Peapod does our deliveries and normally the driver will carry the bags right into the kitchen, but I had to get Finn to a soccer game and in an effort to speed things along helped carry the bags in (it was a larger order than normal).  I felt it right away, but then walking was fine--only when going up the stairs or attempting the motions of running did the PAIN (true pain) set in.  

Since I had a busy work schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, I thought the 2 days off would allow for rest.  I MISSED the running--I need it.  I am a major B**** when I do not get my exercise in.  So here I sit today--I am getting ready to go strength train at the Y and I am supposed to run after.  It no longer hurts to go up stairs, but when I mimic the running motion--the pain is there.  I just know this is not the pain I should ignore. 


Christina said...

I hope that pain will go away soon. Take care!

Racy Runner said...

Thanks, Christina. It already feels better---I am just thankful it was not as incapacitating as I thought.

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