Oh her flowing skirt is blowing in a transcendental wind And she wonders without knowing where did she begin..

Wanted to get a quick run in today after Spin at the Y to get my mileage in for the week.  Spin was great but WAY TOO SHORT.  The Y's spin classes are just 45 minutes long--I am just getting warmed up by then.  I need to do 2 back to back there but lately that has not been happening.  

Ended up coming home and getting caught up on FB, delaying my run while I enjoyed a Starbucks Venti Soy Latte--YUUM.  Especially tasty since I had taken a week off of coffee and this was my first one since last Sunday.

Today's song, Deadeye Dick, New Age Girl (I love this song):

5 K in the afternoon heat went better than I could expect: 
Avg Pace
100:09:32 1.00 09:32
200:09:07 1.00 09:07
300:09:07 1.00 09:07

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